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There is not a single day that I do not see something amazing out in the half acre...  in the grass, in the plants, up in the sky..  life abounds and if' I'm lucky I get photos and copy for my aBackyard Universe Blog to share with everyone.  (The link to my blog is on the tabs above.)   I grew up here in South West Florida, playing outside on dirt roads and in rainy season, fishing around in the ditches for fish and other critters.  I basically do the same thing now, only in a slightly different form.  I love taking third grade classes dip netting at CREW..  Some things you just never grow out of if you are lucky :)

This album is a sampling of images of birds that have and do appear over, in and passing through the Backyard Universe.  The American Goldfinch is the newest on my list to be seen this spring siting up high in the top of the tree that shades the labyrinth.  This tree looses it's leaves each year.  The Goldfinch was part of a small flock I just happened to be lucky enough to catch one late afternoon!  He totally made my day!  And I didn't even have to look him up to see what he was as the American Goldfinch graces the cover and back of my Sibley field guide.   I was sooo excited to see these birds!

The Painted Buntings come and stay over Winter with me.  Nearby in the neighborhood.  They are beautiful birds that don't say much but eat a lot LOL.  In 2013 the birds and squirrels planted a Sunflower garden under the feeders - I will get those photos up in a little bit.  I use to travel to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary to stake out the feeders in hope of getting Painted Bunting photos.  Now I have Painted Buntings every year!  
The Bald Eagle...  what a story there.  I have spent years trying to get to locations all around South West Florida to obtain a good photo.  Last year I went out to the Labyrinth and was looking 200' out across the mostly empty neighboring lots and there was a Bald Eagle up in the top of a tree!!  I flew back in for my camera.  It was getting dark, I missed dinner, who cares!  right?!  I staked out the bird until he flew and I got the beautiful images you see below.  On another day a Juvenile flew over...

The Hummingbirds  are new for me this year.  I put out a cheap Walmart feeder (I'm on a budget here) and filled it with home made sugar water.  The hummer stayed.  It was a learning curve getting the stop motion images of the wings.  They are so fast!  Some days the hummer will BARGE right past my face ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz with a buzzing  sound.  I have found Ruby Throat Hummers to be curious and in-your-face birds on occasion.

All of these birds are around not due to any specific magic, but that I have created and maintain a habitat conducive for their staying and visiting year after year.  They have food and cover, water -- even sand bathes!  I have native plants that I know they enjoy eating from - like beauty berry and native Firebush..   If you provide the basics  Food, Cover and Water..  you will get birds in your garden too.  I hope my photos and site inspire you to invite wildlife into your space.  If you have questions feel free to drop me a note via this link.   To keep up with happenings on the half acre, read my blog via the tab at the top of the page.  

All images by Linda S. Jacobson.


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