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There is not a single day that I do not see something amazing out in the half acre...  in the grass, in the bushes and shrubs, up in the sky..  life abounds and if I'm lucky I get photos and copy for my Backyard Universe Blog.  (The link to my blog is on the tabs above.)   I grew up in Southwest Florida, playing outside on dirt roads and in rainy season, fishing around in the ditches for fish and other critters.  I basically do the same thing now, only in a slightly different form.

The Painted Buntings over winter with us. I use to travel to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary to stake out the feeders in hope of getting Painted Bunting photos. Since I have placed feeders outside in Fall and Winter, I have Painted Buntings every year.  The Bald Eagle...  what a story there.  I have spent years trying to get to locations all around South West Florida to obtain a good photo.  Last year I went out to the Labyrinth and was looking 200' out across the mostly empty neighboring lots and there was a Bald Eagle up in the top of a tree!!  I flew back in for my camera.  It was getting dark, I missed dinner, who cares!  right?!  I staked out the bird until he flew and I got the beautiful images you see below. On another day a Juvenile flew over...

The Hummingbirds are off and on visitors all year.  It was a learning curve getting the stop motion images of their wings.  They are so fast!  Some days the hummer will BARGE right past my face ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz with a buzzing  sound.  

All of these birds are around because we have created and maintain a habitat conducive for their staying,  visiting and or nesting, year after year.  They have food and cover, water -- even sand bathes.  I have native plants that provide seed for them - like beauty berry and native Firebush..   If you provide the basics  Food, Cover and Water..  you will get birds in your garden too.  I hope my website will inspire you to invite wildlife into your space.  If you have questions feel free to drop me a note via this link

All images by Linda S. Jacobson.